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Golf Handicap Tracker

Track and calculate your golf handicap with as little as 1 score.

Very easy to use, and free.

Our golf handicap tracker allows you to track your handicap quickly and easily. Our calculator has a very simple interface and allows you to enter scores with a minimum amount of effort.

In addition to tracking your handicap you will also receive average score reports. both on your last 20 scores and your average score only on the rounds used in your handicap.

What's really nice is that the system will tell you what score you need to lower your handicap, at each course you play because it can be different depending on the course rating.

We also generate handicap history report/charts for you , so you can track your handicap over time.

We have support for tracking 9 hole rounds as well as support for easy course rating lookups on over 20,000+ courses.

The handicap software also maintains a list of your courses, so you can enter scores and do rating lookups even faster.

Free Golf Handicap Tracker

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