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Golf League Software

Golf League Software

Calculate and track league handicaps. Manage your league.

Easy to administer, enter all member scores quickly in one area.

Distribute member handicaps, standings, tee times etc.. via your own unique league web page.

Here is how it works

Set your home course and get the league web page link to send to your members.

Add members to your league, view their handicaps and round history.
(All pages accessible for all members, but only editable for league owner)

(**email addresses are not shown, except to the league owner when logged in. Email addresses are only used for you to send communications to your members. No account is created. No login required by your members to access the league web pages. Of course, you (as the league owner) need to login to make changes, post scores , etc..)

Handicap report for each member.

View all rounds for each member.

Handicap history tracking.

Create as many league days as you want.
(Course gets set to your home course by default, but can be changed)

Works with 9 or 18 hole rounds.

Set the date played, course, tee and rating for the league day.

Score entry is very easy. Either enter a score or mark player as didn't play.
(Net score is calculated based on the handicap at the time of the round.)

Use the league day notes editor to communicate tee times, recap of the days play, etc..

Your members will see:

Use our League Notes Editor to keep standings, put up notifications to members.

Your members will see the following:

Here is a list of things we are working on and will be providing in the future.

  • A comments/discussion section on both the main league page and individual league day pages so your members can converse.

  • Team support (tee time configuration/scheduling by team, as well as team point standings.)

  • Points and standings support. (both individual and team points)
    (You will still be able to use the notes section if you wish not to use the automated solution)

  • Tee time configuration and scheduling. (individual or team)
    (You will still be able to use the notes section if you wish not to use the automated solution)

  • Photo album area for members to upload photos of that days play.

  • Contact page to send email notifications to your members, allowing you to choose who to send to.(all or a subset)

As a league owner, your feedback as to what we support next is greatly encouraged.

How Much Does League Management Cost?

# Members Cost Per Member Total
4 $2.99/yr $9.99/yr
8 $2.49/yr $19.99/yr
12 $1.99/yr $29.99/yr
24 $1.75/yr $39.99/yr
48 $1.49/yr $49.99/yr
72 $1.25/yr $59.99/yr
96 $1.15/yr $69.99/yr
120 $1.09/yr $79.99/yr
148 $.99/yr $89.99/yr

Create Your Account & Start Tracking Your League

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"I am very excited to continue using your site and I thank you for providing such a site. FYI, I have spread the word to my friends via Facebook in an effort to help you get more press.

Again, thank you, and keep up the excellent work!

All the best,
Michael Schultz"

"I love the app! So easy to use. Keep up the good work."
Mary Whalen

After you create your account and login , you can find League tracking on the "Leagues" tab of the Calculator page.. (as seen below)

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