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(April 27, 2011) GolfHandicapCalculator.org Takes On USGA.org In Attempt To Revolutionize The Golf Handicap

GolfHandicapCalculator.org (GHC) is trying to revolutionize the way a golf handicap is calculated, delivered and priced. GHC thinks it's ridiculous for golfers to have to pay $40-$110+ per year and join a golf club just to get a golf handicap. GHC provides a free version of it's REAL Handicap. You also do not need to join a real physical golf club.

GHC also feels that the current USGA Handicap Index is not as accurate as it can be and has set out to revolutionize (greatly improve the accuracy of) the golf handicap. First let's take a look at how the USGA Handicap Index is lacking accuracy.

The USGA Handicap Index bases it's course ratings (the difficulty of the golf course) on the educated guesses and feelings of a handful of people. This may have been sufficient 100+ years ago when the USGA was founded but simply provides way too much room for error.

In it's examination of the current golf handicap and course ratings, GHC often found golfers saying: "this course is harder/easier than they (USGA) says it is". GHC thinks they are right.

GHC believes there is no need to incorporate any margin for error, and instead has come up with a way to calculate the course difficulty ratings more exactly. This involves the use of actual real golfers scores.... and as their slogan says: "Real Golfer Scores Don't Lie".

While the USGA has been around since 1894, GHC thinks that may be part of the problem. GHC thinks the USGA is a fine institution who does a lot for the game of golf, but when the same organization that maintains the rules of golf declares ITSELF the official golf handicap, we can see why they have no incentive to provide the most accurate golf handicap or change at all. The golf handicap needs to step into the 21st century, there is a more accurate way to calculate the golf handicap now.

The GHC REAL Handicap is calculated based off of real golfers scores. An even distribution of scores is used from each tee across all handicap levels and the average is compared against that of other courses to find out the true difficulty of the course. In addition, the golfers themselves can enter ratings for the tee which are also used in calculating the REAL Par rating for the course.

Some of the arguments the USGA makes as to why golfers need to join a golf club, is because of the need to peer review and the issuance of handicap cards. Let me address the latter quickly. We are in the computer and internet age now, everybody has access to a printer and can easily print out their own card at home. GHC also is set to release it's REAL Handicap for smartphones.

As to the need for peer review, GHC simply doesn't see it as required. Here's why: any tournament of any importance (be it national, regional or state level) is played without using handicaps, everybody plays even. So what's left? "big amateur tournaments" and your local golf tournaments at your local club. Big amateur tournaments have mechanisms in place to detect cheaters and adjust players handicap for that tournament. If you are playing in your local club, then everybody there already knows you and your game, and seriously, when have you ever heard of any of your buddies handicap being adjusted due to peer review?

In conclusion, the GHC REAL Handicap will benefit golfers because it is a) more accurate b) less expensive c) there are less hoops to jump through to obtain a golf handicap. Over 30,000 golfers/month reach GHC, and they have tracked over 475,000 rounds to date. It's seems that many other golfers agree with what they are doing.

Find out the actual ratings of the courses you play and figure out your REAL Handicap at Golf Handicap Calculator

(December 10, 2009)Golf Handicap Calculator Launches Free Simple Tool To Calculate Golf Handicaps

Golf Handicap Calculator launches a new tool to help golfers calculate their golf handicap quickly, easily and for free. The other calculators available online either require a golfer to enter all of their scores every time they want to calculate their handicap, or the ones that do charge a fee for this service.

Golf handicap calculator goes beyond just calculating golf handicaps however. Golfers are also shown the differential for each of their rounds, which rounds are used in the handicap calculation, the average scores for all their rounds and the average score for just the rounds used in their handicap. Perhaps the nicest feature of the calculator is that it tells the golfer the score they need in their next round to lower their handicap and it tells them the score they need on all the courses that they commonly play.

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