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REAL Handicap & REAL Par Rating

First let me tell you how the REAL handicap came about.

We didn't like the fact that we were paying $100/yr to join a golf club just to get a golf handicap.

So we decided to create a service for golfers to calculate their handicap for free.
In the course of creating this service....

We also realized that the handicap that existed was not as accurate as it could be.

As i'm sure you have, we often found ourselve's saying:

"this course is harder/easier than they say it is"

In short, we think we may be right.

The problem is, the existing ratings are based on the educated guess and intuitions of a small handful of people.

So we have created a system in which real golfers and actual scores will determine the course difficulty ratings and subsequently the golf handicap.

What We Created Is The REAL Handicap

The REAL handicap stands for Really Exact & Accurate Legitimate Handicap and is based on the REAL Par Rating.

The REAL Par rating is a relative difficulty rating to the par of the course.

Below are the different ratings:

Easiest Course Ever Played (-6)
Incredibly Easy (-5)
Very Easy (-4)
Easy (-3)
Medium Easy (-2)
Slightly Easier Than Avg (-1)
Average Difficulty (E)
Slightly Harder Than Avg (+1)
Medium Hard (+2)
Hard (+3)
Very Hard (+4)
Incredibly Hard (+5)
Hardest Course Ever Played (+6)

Golfers can rate each tee that they play, and the average becomes the REAL Par rating for that course.

Click here to see the REAL Handicap formula

Golfer REAL Par Ratings Are Just The Beginner However..

The other factor in the REAL Par rating is based on actual golfers scores on that tee on that course, because

Real golfer scores don't lie

We take an even sampling of scores accross all different handicap levels to find the average score for that tee and use that in a relative comparison to adjust the REAL Par rating up or down.

This produces the most accurate handicap available because it's based on the actual scores of real golfers just like you.

How The REAL Handicap Benefits Golfers

A few ways actually:

1 - It is more accurate.

2 - Your handicap is calculated INSTANTLY, no waiting weeks to find out what changed.

3 - You are not forced to join a golf club just to get a golf handicap.

4 - It is a lot cheaper or totally FREE depending on the revision structure you want.

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